Self-Defense for Young Adults

The Need for Self-Defense Training for Young Adults

Young adults who are leaving the safety of living at home are soft targets due to lack of life experience.

Moving off to college is a huge transition with tons of minefields along the way.

We will arm your teen with specific strategies, tactics, and self-defense skills to avoid problems and deal with them if they arise.

Self-Defense for Teens Workshop Content

The first line of defense that we teach is smart decision making. Temptations abound for a teenager free from parental supervision. 

Here are some of the topics that will be covered.

  • Active Shooter Response
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Threat Reduction
  • Smart Decision Making
  • Avoiding Danger on Campus
  • Anti-Abduction Training
  • Stalking and Hazing
  • How to Stop a Bully
  • Self-Protection While Socializing

Teen Self-Defense Workshop Structure

Our Teen and College Student Self-Defense Workshop is a four-hour active program. Students will learn everything from active shooter response to anti-abduction techniques.

Parents are encouraged to participate with their kids and enjoy a truly eye-opening, jaw-dropping experience for everyone in the class.

Participants will be active learning skills, techniques, tactics, and strategies in exciting scenario-based training exercises.

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    “COBRA is hands down the best police academy for civilians that you will ever find! The 10 week academy, instructors and training is second to none. I have been training for over 9 years and I can’t imagine my life without COBRA.” Amy Rench

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    “My daughter and I attended the one-day active shooter and teen safety course. It was time well spent, full of useful techniques and strategies to stay safe. We were both interested in continuing our training. I strongly recommend this for anyone, especially those with kids going off to college.” Carmen Rossi-Merlino

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