Man uses brass knuckles to punch homeowner

Tampa, FL – Homeowner makes the mistake of opening his door to a stranger and then taking his eyes off of him. If you feel the need to open the door, open it about six-inches and wedge your foot into the bottom to prevent it from being pushed open by the attacker. A security screen door can also work to keep your dogs in and provide some additional barrier to entry. Notice the guy uses his shirt to ring the bell. That’s a sign he has bad intentions. The homeowner turns his back to the stranger and pays a price for it.

Family Gets Beatdown From Teen Thugs

Group cuts in line at Six Flags Great America “Fright Fest” and then beats family for asking them to stop cussing. This is a classic case of the decay of respect in America. Kids are not being taught respect and that their actions have consequences. That said, if a group of teens is bold/rude enough to cut in line, you can be sure that they will probably not respond well to any requests to clean up their language. The rule is, “Never let anyone’s words control you.” If the family would have walked away and alerted the police to the gang, they probably would nothave been attacked.

How I Choose who to Mug

Professional‚Äč Mugger describes how he picks victims and where he is most likely to rob you. He is now serving up to 25 years in prison.

Headbutt Breaks Nose

Alcohol, testosterone, and ego are never a good mix.

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