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Active Shooter

Our Active Shooter program is much more than Run, Hide, Fight.

Real Estate Agent Safety

This program is specifically for real estate agents.

College Preparedness

We will empower your teen with campus-safety strategies, skills to avoid problems and deal with if they arise.

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We can customize a program for your needs.
Start with a FREE Power Self-Defense Class
In this exciting, no-cost Power Self-Defense Class your group will learn:

1. How to de-escalate a potentially deadly encounter.
2. Learn what bad guys want and how they think.
3. Learn the secret formula that gives bad guys the advantage and how you can take it away from them.
4. How to look like a hard target rather than a soft target.
5. How to control social media.
6. How to respond to an active shooter.
7. How to prevent the abduction of children and adults.
8. How to deal with a bully.
9. How to strike with deadly force no matter your size.
10. The common myths of self-defense.
11. Why when self-defense is a must, no other skill set will do.
12. The different types of bad guys and the one you need to be most aware of.
13. How to quickly determine what the criminal really wants and why this is crucial.
14. Experience for yourself how and why you CAN defend yourself in real time when a criminal is pointing a gun to your head.

This no-cost class will increase your self defense IQ 100% and the concepts will be  applicable immediately.

Our Programs
Our Self-Defense Programs are from the COBRA-Defense Law Enforcement-Based​ System. This is NOT martial arts.

Active Shooter Defense Plan

Tactical decisions to help anyone increase their chances for surviving an active shooter situation.

Find out more about Active Shooter Defense Training.

Bully Response Plan

This law enforcement based program treats bullying like a crime, following proven protocols to build a rock-solid legal case against the bully.

Learn more about our Anti-Bully Program.

Real Estate Safety Training

Meeting strangers in remote locations day-in and day-out can be a dangerous scenario. We help real estate pros protect themselves.

Find out more about Real Estate Agent Safety Training.

1 Day Camp for Adults and/or Kids

An overview, condensed version of our 10 Week Academy. A great intro to COBRA™.

Find out more about our Self-Defense Programs.

5-Week Academy

A law-enforcement-based, reality-based academy focused on neutralizing attackers and abduction prevention.

Learn more about our 5-Week Academy.

Corporate Self-Defense Training

Help corporate teams learn valuable skills, team-build and more.

College Student Safety & Self-Protection

Students in new situations and new environments. Give them the tools that can save their lives and give their parents peace of mind.

Learn more about our Teen & College Student Self-Protection

Protection Specialist Training

COBRA™ was built from real-world police and corrections experience – a perfect fit for security, police and other protection specialists.

Quick Self-Defense Quiz

Welcome to your Test Your Self-Defense Knowledge


Real self-defense is just like the following:


Profiling can help you completely avoid a dangerous situation:


Who would be the softest target?


Telling the world what you are doing and where you are going on social media can be very dangerous.


Any weapon that can slow or stop an attacker can and should be used.


If you are being held at gunpoint and the attacker wants your watch/property and nothing more, you should:


If you're being harassed in traffic you should:


Deadly force striking is used to:


If you feel like something is not right you should:


When your life is on the line you should focus on trying to call 911/Emergency Services and forget about trying to retreat or fight back.


It's pretty easy to get your cell phone out and call the police when an attacker is approaching you.


Most criminals have training in martial arts or tactical self-defense.

You’ll be in good company with our clients.

Media Coverage

“I have not only heard countless ideas of what to do if there’s an active shooter, but I have reported on them too. It’s the same story each and every time…However, today was different. Today, I actually learned something.”

ABC Action News Reporter – Nicole Grigg

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