“What she did right is that she used her awareness. First, she tried to hide and when he backed up, she ran to get away. She noticed him and she took some action,” said Irene van der Zande, and expert in personal safety.

30 years ago, van der Zande founded Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower, a group that teaches kids and adults how to prevent kidnappings, abuse, bullying and sexual assault.

“What we teach are simple, practical skills that people can learn very quickly and that apply to a large number of situations,” said van der Zande. “We practice those skills.”

Stranger abduction is not common, but it does happen. According to the “National Center for Missing and Exploited Children”, less than one percent of the 25,000 children that went missing last year were from stranger abduction. In most cases, these potential abductors try to grab their victims on the street or lure them into their vehicles.

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