The family was outside of a beauty supply warehouse in San Diego. The 8-year-old girl named Malaiah and her brother were in the backseat while their father went in to buy some hair supplies.

The father left the car and air conditioning running during the hot afternoon.

The woman made her move in less than the two minutes the father was away from the car.

“The lady looked at the car and she saw it running with kids in it. Then she just jumped in it and drove away,” Malaiah said.

Her father saw the car take off and ran past cars on the streets to try to stop the car.

Fortunately, Malaiah knew what to do. Her dad had given her a cellphone and taught her how to call 911.

“They said, ‘911, what’s your emergency?’ And I said, ‘Me and my little brother got kidnapped.’ She said, ‘Can you tell us where you are? What do you see?’ I said, ‘I see signs that say Mexico border.’ 

Malaiah eventually gave the woman the phone, but by that time authorities knew where they were and made their move.

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