Alarming surveillance video of a 5-year-old girl who was taken from her school by a mystery woman.

The little girl has been found. Now, there are questions about how she could have been taken from her classroom in the first place.

Abc’s Alex Marquardt has the story. Reporter: This morning, 5-year-old Nnailla Robinson is getting checked out at a Philadelphia hospital, after she was snatched from her school in West Philadelphia on Monday.

Seen here on this surveillance video. The police report says the 5-year-old says it was a stranger who took her from school. She was blindfolded and walked to a house.

The girl left her on the playground and she was found. Just before, her mother pled with the community to help her find her daughter. Please, don’t hurt my child.

Reporter: Police were on the hunt for the girl after she was dropped off at school Monday morning. Five minutes later, investigators say this woman showed up at the school, wearing a face scarf and head covering, where she told a substitute teacher, she signed her out. You’re required, anytime you go to school.

A list of people who can take a child out. She did sign a name. But it’s not legible. Reporter: Remarkably, the school didn’t realize something was wrong. School district officials admit a serious break-in procedure, saying in a statement, an adult is not allowed to go io any classrooms to check children out.

Luckily, a passerby found Nailla Robinson in the cold beneath some bleachers. The police tell us there are no obvious signs of abuse. And we’re told she will be okay. And right now, the police tell us there are no suspects.

Serious break-in procedures, to put it mildly. Thanks very much. We’re going to turn to the new ads from coca-cola.

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