Keeping up with changing technology is no simple task. Too any parents make the mistake of giving children smartphone privacy. Parents must take the position that the phones in the family belong to the parents who paid for them, the internet service, and the electricity that use to recharge. Since the phone that they “allow” their child to use is actually the parents, they should inspect the phone on a regular basis. 

Parens should have the swipe code to get into the phone, the numbers to get into that phone, and have the right to get into that phone anytime they want. Learn about the many apps that kids use to hide pictures and videos. These apps are known as vaults.

The most widely used vault functions like a calculator but is actually used by kids to hide pictures and video. There are several versions of the fake calculator apps but most have to be purchased or downloaded through app stores that have a verification process, which parents should also monitor.

Snapchat’s has a My Eyes Only feature that can hide past “memories,” like old videos and images.

Parents should also remove phones aay at bedtime. If you allow your child access to a phone or tablet overnight, they have carte blanche access to videos and images that they can watch with the volume off, while you’re sleeping

And you may want to turn off two-step authentication on your teen’s phone if you’re using apps to track and monitor your kids. The two-factor authentication can make it difficult for parents to use third party monitoring software because if a parent going in there, it sends the owner an email who can change the password and cut you out.

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