Essen, Germany–This is a 17-year old German girl with 5-years of kickboxing training. 

Time, Place, and Method of Attack

Walking down the stairs is a classic transitional space that attackers like because the target’s focus is on the stairs. That makes her less likely to look behind. She also has her phone to her ear, which adds to the distraction and makes her an even more attractive target.

The bad guy always gets to choose the Time, Place, and Method of Attack.

His time was right then. The place was the stairs. The method of attack is shattering a beer bottle on her head.

Situational Awareness

Had she been paying more attention, she may have been able to escape or deter the attacker from following through.

Self-Defense Training

She does a good job of basing out and kicking away the other attacker. However, her rear kick missed. In most self-defense classes, the attacker stands still and allows the student to execute the skill or technique. However,  odds are that in reality, the attacker will be throwing you around as he does in this video. 

Like most martial arts, kickboxing is not self-defense, but it can certainly help.

Multiple Attackers

She also tried to hook his leg right as the second bad guy arrives. She nails him with a good front thrust kick. Rather than run away from them she takes steps in their direction. Fortunately, they didn’t come back for seconds. That wanted her phone and got it.

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