Our Real Estate Agent Safety Protocol (ASP) is designed to give agents control over any situation and prevent potentially violent acts from happening. The best way to do this is to understand the criminal mindset. It’s easy for a person with bad intentions to carry out his attack. That doesn’t concern the bad guy. It’s the prospect of going to prison that is scary. Our job is present a scenario that is highly UNATTRACTIVE for a bad guy to carry out his plan. 

Here are the top three tactics for doing that.

  1. Always refer to a male partner. For instance, “My partner Bill and I will meet you at the property at 4pm.”  The prospect of a second person, especially a male, increases the risk of being caught. That is usually enough to scare a bad guy off.
  2. Once the prospect arrives, say, “My partner is on the way. In the meantime, please stand by the back of your car, so I can send a quick photo of you and license plate to my office. My boss is big on tracking us.”
  3. Ask for his driver’s license for the same reason.

In today’s world, people get photographed and videoed all of the time. A good person will not object. A person planning an attack will balk and probably exit the property.

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